Who We Work With

We work with individuals in a variety of fields within the professional coaching industry who have been in business for four or more years.

Our Clients

Professional Coaches. We work with individuals in a variety of fields within the professional coaching industry who have been in business for four or more years. Our coaching clients may provide onsite coaching to company executives and management professionals in continuing their professional development; others conduct group coaching clinics via webinar, teleclass or onsite; and others may conduct onsite group coaching at different organizations. Our coaching clients understand that streamlining processes and having a business management team behind them are critical to their success.

Keynote Speakers. We work with exciting speakers who present at local and national functions within various industries. Our speaker clients travel to present and showcase their knowledge on specific subjects; most of our speakers are also published authors that are invited to speak about their books and articles. Our speakers expect to have all of the details of their travel and venue confirmed and completed so they can focus on one thing – a successful event!

Non-profit industries
. We support non-profit organizations that have continued success with working in collaboration within their own board of directors. Many of our non-profit boards are volunteer-driven. These are professionals who care about the growth and investment within their industries, but sometimes lack the time to efficiently handle their specific board activities. With a dedicated team behind them who manages every due date, project and event – our clients enjoy peace of mind!

Does this sound familiar?

  • “I’m managing a team of coaches who are conducting several teleclasses each month with a large student attendance.” The administration, tracking and paperwork is becoming too much to handle alone. We’re ready for a solution.
  • “We created ebook content, but we don’t know how to package it, offer it on our website or promote it.” We don’t know the first thing about graphics, design, ways to send an ebook and how to track results.
  • “My website isn’t generating the leads I anticipated.” Others in my industry attract clients to their sites easily. What aren’t we doing?
  • “I enjoy working with clients, but tracking appointments, speaking events and setting up programs isn’t what I want to spend my time doing.” I don’t know enough about today’s technology that can make things run more efficiently. I just want to sell.
  • “I have a teleclass or group coaching program that I’d like to promote.” I don’t know where to go and how to promote it.
  • “I arrived at my speaking event and the meeting coordinator wasn’t anywhere.” Seems there’s always a problem staying on top of the details and it’s become more difficult to manage.
  • “I planned on selling and signing my book after the presentation, but the books never arrived.” What can I do to prevent this from happening again?
  • “Our board directors change positions every year. What types of processes can we create so the learning curve is faster when a new board member comes in?” Our outgoing board members spend a lot of time training the new incumbent, but things can get overlooked. We need some sort of documentation, or system to manage this.
  • “We have quite a few communications to our members each month.” What’s the best way to get the word out?
  • “Our paid membership database is a mess.” We don’t know who paid what or when – and it’s becoming difficult to track.

Are You Ready To Work With Us?

The following characteristics resonate with our most successful clients:

  1. You are a profitable and successful professional coach, speaker or nonprofit agency that has been in business for more than four years.
  2. You have a consistent and healthy financial income that is the result of your continued investment and success in your company.
  3. You have the flexibility to work with us in collaboration to find the best solutions for your business.
  4. You can clearly describe the outcome you want and let go to leave the details to us.
  5. You are dedicated to your growth and success (and having fun getting there).
  6. You are committed to long term solutions. No quick fixes (unless you choose our Pit Stop Solution)!

Now that you know the types of clients we work with, the challenges that we help them solve, click on this link to visit “How We Work.”