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The Quick Fix Solution!

Just need a quick fix with something? Roll into our pit stop for your quick evaluation, recommendation and The Quick Fix! Our certified team members can tackle your problem with precision and reliability to get you back on track. Just what is The Quick Fix? Well, that’s the problem that keeps you from moving forward with your business. Here are a few samples of past problems that our pit team solved. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • “What newsletter service or shopping cart is the best for my business and needs? There are so many out there and I don’t want to pay more than I have to.”
  • “I want a graphic header created with my logo and picture for my newsletter. It’s the one thing that’s stopping me from getting my newsletter out the door.”
  • “I have video content that I’ve had sitting for 6 months and want it uploaded to my website. I don’t know how to upload it to YouTube or my website.”
  • “Facebook (LinkedIn or Twitter) is overwhelming (and scary) and it seems like Facebook is always changing the rules – help!”
  • “My website isn’t generating the leads I anticipated.” Others in my industry attract clients to their sites easily. What aren’t we doing?
  • “How do I promote my ebook, coaching event, speaking event, or products?”
  • “I need a system to manage: my speaking gigs, my appointments, student/participant roster for my programs, track our membership, etc.”
  • “I’m managing a team of coaches who are conducting several teleclasses each month with a large student attendance.” The administration, tracking and paperwork is becoming too much to handle alone. We’re ready for a solution.
  • “I have a teleclass or group coaching program that I’d like to promote.” I don’t know where to go and how to promote it.
  • “Our paid membership database is a mess.” We don’t know who paid what or when – and it’s becoming difficult to track.
  • “Our board directors change positions every year. What types of processes can we create so the learning curve is faster when a new board member comes in?” Our outgoing board members spend a lot of time training the new incumbents, but things can get overlooked. We need some sort of documentation, or system to manage this.
  • Our non-profit sponsors monthly events that have grown so large we can’t keep track of the headcount, different methods of payments, etc. We also get a lot of questions about directions to the event as well as attendees requesting a credit if they can’t make it. All of these details are too much for our volunteer board to handle. We need a solution!

What is Included in The Quick Fix Solution?

  1. Two weeks of our time evaluating and solving your problem!
  2. We’ll schedule an initial 30 minute call to discuss your problem and the goal you want to achieve during our two weeks together.
  3. You’ll then be emailed a detailed report of our phone call outlining your problem and our goal. You’ll also receive an invoice for $199 due before the start of your Quick Fix Solution.
  4. After payment has been received, you’ll be notified of the start date of your project. Typical start dates are within 5-7 business days of payment.
  5. At the end of our two week engagement, you’ll be emailed a GoToMeeting appointment request, so that we can review and discuss your Solution Report together.
  6. You also get peace of mind knowing that we’re working behind the scenes to solve your problem!

Who is The Quick Fix Ideal For?

Anyone that needs a quick fix to a problem that stands in the way of their business moving forward needs The Quick FixThis option also allows us to “test the track” together and find out if we’re both compatible with each others’ work, delegation and communication styles. This solution is a great opportunity to find out if we’re in sync – no need to invest in a long-term contract or bother with contract termination legalities! Don’t get stuck – contact us for The Quick Fix!

The two week Quick Fix is $199. To get your wheels moving, please schedule a phone appointment here. Need more than just The Quick Fix? See The Test Drive Solution below!

The Test Drive 

This solution is ideal for those clients who need more than The Quick Fix – they need more time with us to accomplish their goal(s), but may not be ready to make a long term commitment. The Test Drive may be driven by quarterly goals, product launches or campaigns. Some examples of our past Test Drive engagements include:

  • Management and implementation of product launches (audio, video, products, programs and services).
  • Drip campaign creation and implementation using newsletter or autoresponder services (this means creating series of messages to communicate with your customer database).
  • Social media evaluation, set up and recommendations (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter).
  • Shopping cart and ecommerce support (Wishlist, autoresponders, upselling, cart setup and customization, etc.)
  • Transitioning from html to a WordPress site and/or blog creation.
  • Operations and procedure analysis with documentation.

What is Included in The Test Drive?

  1. Three months of support to achieve your goal(s)!
  2. We’ll schedule an initial 60 minute call to discuss the goal(s) you want to achieve during our three months together along with biweekly 30 minute check-in calls throughout our engagement.
  3. You’ll then be emailed a detailed report of our phone call outlining the scope of your project, expected outcomes and goals. You’ll also receive a customized quote and invoice for your paid deposit before the start of your Test Drive. Why do you receive a customized quote? Well, because you shouldn’t have to pay for support you don’t need – and we can make an accurate assessment of exactly what work needs to be done to achieve your desired outcome.
  4. After your deposit payment has been received, you’ll be notified of the start date of your project. Typical start dates are within 7 – 10 business days of payment.
  5. At the end of our three month engagement, you’ll be emailed a GoToMeeting appointment request, so that we can review and discuss your finalized Solutions Report together. We’ll discuss the goal(s) and outcomes we achieved and measurable results. Should we determine our partnership is a good fit, we’ll present you with a more customized package for our services!

Our three month Test Drive Solutions start at $399. To get your wheels moving, please schedule a phone appointment here. Need more than just The Quick Fix? See our Pedal to the Metal Solutions below!

We also create customized monthly online business packages based your goals and objectives. Our monthly packages allow clients to budget more effectively, and avoid any fluctuations or surprises. Forget about the uncertainty and worry on how long projects will take to finish or end up costing. Ready to go?

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