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Are You A Professional Coach, Keynote Speaker Or Non-Profit Organization That Can’t Seem To Keep Up?

Having a hard time keeping up with administering and tracking your group coaching activities? If you’re like most professional coaches, group coaching is a core revenue generator for your business. Effective record keeping of students and participants can be of great value when promoting your next service or product. We can show you how to create an effective system for monitoring your programs and selling your products. Our clients have enjoyed the benefits of having their group coaching programs run by automated processes – saving time and money.

Spending too much time on finalizing the details of your speaking engagement, and not enough on the presentation itself? Many speakers manage the details themselves and don’t have the support they need to run a successful website and event. Our checklists and online tracking system ensures that all information for your event is captured. Our keynote speaking clients enjoy peace of mind knowing that all of the details for their event are taken care of.

Do you have difficulty in coordinating, tracking and communicating with your non-profit board of directors? Directors often hold volunteer positions in addition to their own businesses. Often directors lack activity coordination with their fellow directors – even daily or weekly activities can be overlooked. We create new processes for communicating with your board directors, use time saving promotions and marketing, and leverage social media for events and tracking your events, goals and files year after year. Our non-profit clients don’t always have the experience with technology and web hosting, that’s where we come in. We support our non-profit clients with all the necessary technology and communication that they need to run a successful board and in turn – serve their membership community.

  • Do you want to increase revenue and work less?
  • Are you working long hours and still missing deadlines?
  • Do you just try to keep up knowing there has to be a better solution out there?

If you answered YES, you’ve come to the right place!

Office DEVA works primarily with Professional Coaches, Keynote Speakers and Non-Profit organizations and has served clients since 2003 to increase their revenue and performance.

We have an excellent reputation and a dedicated team behind all of our clients. We can help you too – so take the next step!

Learn about the clients we work with and their challenges by clicking How We Work.